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Plastic float ball water level switch

Plastic float ball water level switch


time:2018-11-05 09:12:54

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1, plastic floating ball level switch operation principle:

The liquid level float switch mainly consists of a magnetic spring switch and a magnetic float ball. In a sealed non-magnetic metal or plastic pipe, one or more magnetic spring switches are set up. Then, the pipe is penetrated through one or more float balls with a ring magnet inside, and the fixed ring is used to control the position of the float ball and the magnetic spring switch. The float ball follows the liquid. Up or down, the ball magnet is used to attract the contact of the reed switch, and the action of the switch is generated to realize the liquid level control or indication (when the float ball is close to the reed, the switch is on; when the float ball leaves, the switch is off).

2, plastic float ball level switch features:

(1) the use of this product does not require additional power supply, and the life of the switch can be up to 2 million times.

(2) single point or multiple points can be set up, and the position of the control switch can be customized with the needs of users.

(3) a variety of materials are available; plastic material PP, PVDF, metal material SUS304, SUS316.

(4) the switch and the conductor are completely separated from the liquid, so they can be used safely at high temperature and high pressure equipment.

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