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China releases engine speed sensor to help automobile energy saving


time:2018-11-05 10:23:34

With the rapid development and innovation of automotive technology, major automotive manufacturers have further increased their investment in software and hardware of automobiles. Engine sensors, as the "electronic eye" to detect engine status, have further enhanced their importance and market demand. The Chassis and Safety Division of Continental Group has developed a series of engine speed sensor products through R&D and technical investment to assist vehicle manufacturers to further improve engine performance in terms of fuel consumption. Among them, the crankshaft position sensor (CPDD) with direction detection, which has the function of fuel economy efficiency, is an important part of the engine start-stop system (Start & Stop), specially responding to the challenge of fuel consumption caused by the general congestion in major cities in China.

Crankshaft Position Sensor with Direction Detection (CPDD) Helps Vehicle Factory to Meet China's increasingly stringent emission standards


At present, the relevant ministries and commissions of the state are increasingly strict in the management of automobile emissions. At present, Shanghai has begun to implement the Five National Standards in advance. Vehicle manufacturers are facing new pressures, and they are facing higher requirements and challenges for emission limits and engine management of their new models. Under such a general trend, the engine start-stop system (Start & Stop) emerged as the times require. As the most rapidly developed environmental protection technology for automobiles in recent years, this technology is especially suitable for stop-and-go urban road conditions. The crankshaft sensor (CPDD) introduced by Continental Group has three advantages: direction detection function, high sensitivity and strong anti-jamming ability. It can accurately detect engine stop phase, so as to effectively realize fuel economic benefits.

The crankshaft position sensor with direction detection (CPDD) sends electronic signals at the moment of engine stalling to assist the engine control module (ECM) to continuously monitor the piston position when the engine stops working. Therefore, the engine can start quickly without re-synchronization (suitable for gasoline engine and hybrid vehicles). The crankshaft position sensor with direction monitoring (CPDD) uses special signal processing algorithms to avoid providing incorrect position signals during engine stopping and restarting. This sensor can provide very precise electronic signals and avoid interference from external environment. The high repeatability of this technology can also help the engine control module (ECM) to monitor the misfire, thus reducing the harmful emissions of the engine and improving the engine life. This crankshaft position sensor (CPDD) with direction detection is designed with Hall Sensing Technology, which has been fully validated. It can meet the more stringent environmental conditions and electromagnetic compatibility requirements.

In addition to considering the stability and maturity of technology, Continental Group also attaches importance to market applicability to ensure that it provides products that meet consumer needs: the crankshaft positioner is designed with standardized design to provide cost-effective sensor solutions for Start & Stop systems, thereby ensuring Start & Stop technology. Further promotion will provide vehicle manufacturers with solutions adapting to the trend of emission reduction so as to help them achieve the goal of energy saving and efficiency according to the urban road conditions in China.

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