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Holzer sensor helps new medical real-time diagnostic equipment


time:2018-11-05 10:25:03

Recently, some new products and functions related to Hall sensors, temperature and humidity sensors have appeared in different fields of sensor application. Let's get some information about them.


Multifunctional household intelligent monitoring device Sentri (data map)

1. multifunctional household intelligent monitoring device Sentri

Sentri is a comprehensive home security control center, which not only has built-in high-definition cameras supporting motion recognition and night vision functions, but also has comprehensive home monitoring capabilities, which is its greatest advantage.

Sentri has a 10 Inch Touch screen to display temperature, humidity, weather, air quality and other items. It also contains a wealth of sensors and components, including environment, action, acceleration sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, light sensors and so on. It collects huge data and gives users time threads, so that users can understand comprehensive indoor information. Of course, it can also interact with some smart home devices to form a richer form of use.

2. Google glasses will be used to measure the mental stress of wearers.


Georgica Tech and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have jointly developed an Android application, BioGlass, which uses Google Glasses to measure the wearer's mood. BioGlass calculates by collecting the wearer's heartbeat, breathing rate and using acceleration sensors, gyroscopes and front-end lenses of Google Glass to monitor the wearer's slight movement. The wearer knows when he needs to rest and decompress as long as he wears Google Glass.

It is reported that users will receive a decompression guide to teach users to reduce the pressure of breathing. There's also a playlist full of soft music that allows users to listen to music when they're nervous. Any device equipped with sensors can use this software, but the biggest challenge for the device is how to accurately measure the user's subtle movements.

3. Holzer sensor helps new medical real-time diagnostic equipment

Recently, a high-end real-time diagnostic equipment developed by a biotechnology company in Dongguan, M16 magnetic-sensitive immunoassay analyzer, has been developed and entered the clinical stage. Once the product is listed, it will hopefully fill the gap in the domestic market.

Wise-knowledgeable magnetic immunoassay technology, using advanced biochemical target binding method, combines nano-magnetic particles with protein antibodies to be tested, and rapidly scans the number of magnetic particles through self-developed Hall sensor to achieve accurate quantitative detection. Compared with traditional chemiluminescence detection methods, it has higher accuracy and better repeatability, and can be used for early and reliable diagnosis of cancer, AIDS and other diseases. It is reported that the patent has entered the clinical stage and is expected to be put into the market next year.

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